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Is Soft Water Safe to Drink?
The amount of sodium in your drinking water from a water softener system can vary depending on the hardness of your water, but you are certainly not drinking salt water. In fact, on average, less than three percent of your daily sodium intake comes from drinking softened water.
Drinking softened water.
Except in extreme hard water cases when a hard water tap is mandatory, it will be a personal choice to retain a hard water drinking tap or choose to drink softened water. Its normally quite simple for the drinking tap to by-pass the softener.
Soft Water It's' Not For Drinking.
If you are contemplating installing a softener, there are serious questions you should ask: who will test the effectiveness of the softener, how often will these tests be run, and how will my drinking water quality be affected? Metro Water Services does not test any home water treatment device, including softeners, and does not recommend the use of particular devices!
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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs UKWTA.
Fitting a separate hard water drinking tap is not required by regulation, except in exceptionally hard water areas above 400mg/l where the Sodium content of the treated water increased due to the softening process exceeds the level laid down in the Water Supply Water Quality Regulations 2000. Fitting a separate drinking water tap is currently recommended by the UK Dept of Health, WRAS and the UKWTA. Will fitting a softener help my eczema?
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Frequently asked questions about water softeners without jargon.
Where possible the water softener should be sited close to the rising main, allowing for any required hard water draw off points, ie drinking tap and outside tap. The water softener must be connected to a drain and needs an overflow point.
Jeff Howell: is it dangerous to drink soft water? Telegraph.
However, water softeners are installed to provide water for washing, not drinking, and most people prefer to drink hard water because it tastes better. That is why it is normal to install one unsoftened drinking water tap to the kitchen sink, which is fed direct from the mains, with the rest of the house taking its water via the softener.
Drinking Soft Water The Health Effects Harvey.
We understand that drinking softened water isnt for everybody and therefore we install a hard water tap as standard with all of our water softener installations. This tap bypasses the water softening device and produces filtered hard water for you and your family to drink, rather than soft water.
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Water Health Do Water Softeners Pose Health Threats? APEC Water.
How does a water filter system, descaler, and conditioner differ from a water softener? Follow us on twitter. Become our fans on facebook. Add us to your circle on google. The Finest Drinking Water Systems in America APEC Water Systems Home Water Purification Product Line Air Purification Product Line Replacement Filters Parts RO Technical Center Whole House Knowledge Base.
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