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Water-King electronic water softener is a market leading water treatment product.
Mr J Chatfeild-Roberts. Lifescience Products Ltd have been providing expert technical advice and market leading water treatment products for over 20 years. Their Water-King electronic water softener is widely specified and installed by some of the UKs largest consultants and contractors on a range of projects from world famous stadia to landmark developments, like Londons iconic Gherkin Building.
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ScaleGuard Eliminate hard water problems with our electronic water conditioner.
Water Softener vs Conditioner. Benefits of Scaleguard. What People Say. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The Simple Solution to Hard Water Problems. Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back. Scaleguard is a tried and tested electronic water conditioner guaranteed to control hard water scale, reduce existing scale, reduce maintenance costs and save you energy and money.
ScaleWatcher Electronic Water Descaler.
Installing a Scalewatcher could also add years to the life of your washing machine or dishwasher, and save you money every week at the supermarket with no need to stop at the descaling aisle. With no salt, costly installation or ongoing maintenance, and a 10 year guarantee ScaleWatcher works out significantly cheaper than a water softener in both the short and long term.
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Electronic water conditioner Lifescience Products.
As well as their salt free hard water treatment products they can also supply UV sterilisers, base exchange softeners, filter systems, leak detection and automatic water shut-off devices, including the as seen on TV Nova-Flo a fully mechanical flood prevention device.
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What is an Electronic Water Softener? Harvey.
This can leave your home without softened water for a period. Non-electric vs electric water softener; which is better? Non-electric and electric water softeners are very similar in their results; both deliver softened water that prevents the buildup of limescale around the home.
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Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Water Softener Alternative Money Back Guarantee US Version: DIY Tools.
They form into hard deposits settling on the surfaces of sinks, faucets, pipes and inside appliances, creating restrictions and greatly reducing the efficiency of water heaters and boilers. Eddy is easy for anyone to fit, requires NO plumbing changes, does not require any salt and costs a fraction of the price of a conventional salt-fed water softener.
Domestic Water Softeners Monarch Water.
Domestic Water Softeners. Monarch Water offers a range of electric and non-electric water softeners to meet the needs of even the largest families. Monarch offers five star quality water softeners, exemplified by our No 1, first in class, Midi water softener.
Non-Electric Softeners Monarch Water.
Standard Duo DuoPlus models are ideal for warewashing etc. Brochures Info Sheets. Download the Non-Electric Water Softeners Info Sheet. Hot Water Softener Non-Electric. Automatic Water Softeners Cold Water. Search for: Search. Domestic Water Softeners. Domestic Water Purifiers Filters. Domestic Scale Prevention.

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